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What is Clip Art?

Clip art is a term that describes the pre-made graphical elements artists typically use to create a larger piece of work. Think of them as parts of a puzzle or ingredients in a culinary dish. The smaller pieces can work on their own. But when you combine them with other elements, they can create a masterpiece!

Artists and illustrators come up with clip art ideas and usually include them as a gallery collection. The small graphics don't have a specific theme or purpose in mind. However, they may help to convey ideas or push a specific style.

The goal of clip art is to be universally appealing and easy to understand. Back in the day, clip art was one of the only graphical elements available to webmasters and designers. Today, there are plenty of ways to get good artwork. Yet, clip art is still widely used to generate custom designs.

Types of Clip Art

Clip art pictures come in two different forms. These include vector images and raster images. Vectors are rooted in mathematical principles. They use simple lines, curves, and established points. As a result, vectors are infinitely scalable. The clip art looks the same no matter how much you stretch or manipulate it! Raster clip art, on the other hand, is based on pixels. They rely on bitmap mapping to have a vast assortment of shades. Raster art is not as scalable as vectors. But, it is of higher quality and is the go-to for modern web designers.

What are the Uses of Clip Art?

The possibilities of clip art are endless. Remember: Clip art pictures are graphical elements that you can use on pretty much anything. There is an infinite number of ways to use them. You will often see clip art in print material, advertisements, calendars, desktop backgrounds, and more. Chances are, you look at tons of clip art every day! It's used frequently to create websites. Every icon, company logo, or graphical button you see is clip art. These elements are everywhere! Humans rely on visuals to navigate content. Whether it's a magazine or a website, clip art helps guide the viewer's eye, represent ideas, and more. Good art can make all the difference, affecting a site's aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness.

Why Use Clip Art?

There are many reasons why you might want to use clip art. The first is convenience and simplicity. When you're on a time crunch, what would you rather do? Would you prefer to make all your graphics from scratch or use existing clip art elements to finish your project?
Designers offer a constant supply of clip art images, making it easy to develop new work whenever you need it. Another benefit of clip art is flexibility. Not only can you combine clip art elements to create something brand-new, but you can also take advantage of its simplicity to represents ideas on its own.
Most clip art is line-based and slightly "cartoony." As a result, it's much easier to understand than some intricate photography or a stock image. Use clip art to convey your ideas or set a mood. On top of all that, clip art is easy to implement into a wide range of projects. Create multi-element works of art or fit them into text on your webpage. Either way, the small clip art images can do a lot to make your site more exciting and visually attractive.
Clip art has a lot to offer. While those simple images might not seem like much, they can pack a considerable punch. Whether you create larger projects or just need some visual flourishes here and there to spice up your page, clip art can do just that.